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Costa Rica: A Paradise Destination

• Contains 4% of global biodiversity
• More than half a million species
• Astonishing forests and beaches
• Named the happiest country in the world
• First education system in Latin America
• Number one in Latin America in protecting workers' rights
• Exports over 4500 products to 146 countries worldwide
• Fourth largest exporter of technology
• Second most politically stable country in Latin America

It is no secret that Costa Rica is one of the top ten vacation destinations, especially when it comes to eco-adventure tourism. More than two million foreigners travel to Costa Rica every year, in search of its beautiful beaches and biodiversity.

Nevertheless, 10% who visit are in search of medical treatment. Medical tourism is born as a trend that combines travel, cultural learning and enjoyment, with the access to world-class health care.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has become the leader in medical tourism services, and not by chance, but through the social investment in health and education throughout the last century.

Destination of Peace

It is not coincidence that the country could concentrate its efforts on social development, nor that former two-time president, Dr. Oscar Arias Sanchez, received the Nobel Peace Prize. The country's efforts to sow peace and cease the fire throughout Central America, has come about by the decision to abolish their army in the middle of the last century. This allowed Costa Rica to become a state of law, with political equilibrium and total peace; where democracy and citizen security is a priority.

Since then, the country has concentrated its efforts in its national development through sustained investment in health and education programs. This approach paid off, making the country a regional reference with rates of health and education comparable to those of developed countries Schooling at a 98.3%, per capita health investment of $1,369, universal and free access to basic health care, and life expectancy greater than 81 years.


Being named the happiest country in the world is not a surprise to "ticos," a name given to those born in Costa Rica; This reflects the effort made to be a hospitable country, oriented toward tourism. "Tourism makes up 4.6% of Costa Rica's GDP," with a world - class tourist platform, which allows the country to exploit its natural wealth, while continuing its integration into global markets

World-Class Medicine

With a first-world educational and medical infrastructure, and bilingual human resource, Costa Rica is a major destination for tourists seeking quality health care, with 70% lower costs than those found in Europe, United States and even Asia.

Medical tourism is on the rise, due to the combination of highly qualified professionals and world-class infrastructure (luxury recovery centers, private clinics and hospitals with international certifications).

For hundreds of Americans, affording quality health care has become a challenge. Countries like Costa Rica, offer foreign tourists the unique opportunity to visit the country, while undergoing affordable medical or dental treatments.

It is estimated that check-ups, medical treatment and rehabilitation services offered in Costa Rica cost less than half of what these procedures normally cost in North America, Europe and Asia.

This in no way should determine the quality of treatment, but rather, serve as a display of increased demand for first-world health care set at reasonable prices.

The Laparoscopic Center of Costa Rica (LCC), is an expert medical group with the latest knowledge in the surgical field with more than 5 thousand successful surgeries. It is led by Dr. Jorge Esmeral, laparoscopy specialist surgeon and pioneer in minimally-invasive procedures in Costa Rica.

The LCC philosophy is based on maintaining a well-informed patient. For us, the tranquility of the patient and their family, is just as important as providing world-class medical care.

The patient's well-being is top priority. Therefore, we offer foreign patients a guided, customized and expedited service, as well as assistance and information throughout the process.

World-class quality: The Laparoscopic Center of Costa Rica provides the best medical services in its field in the country. The team includes comprehensive patient care made up of: nurses, internists, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists, physical therapists, personal trainers and psychologists, among others. It is the mission of this integrated team to ensure the patient and their family the best medical pre and post-operative care.

The Laparoscopic Center of Costa Rica, has one office in one of the major private hospitals in the country: CIMA Hospital. The patient is also offered the possibility to solicit the medical center of their choice and our medical team will travel to the patient's elected destination.

It also has agreements with recovery centers such as the Residence Inn Marriott San Jose Escazú, the Verdeza, and at the Recovery Center Las Cumbres, where the patient has access to care and the necessary amenities to make their stay as pleasant and short as possible.

The Laparoscopic Center of Costa Rica offers foreign patients access to the best pre and post-operative medical services. The staff, led by the minimally-invasive surgery specialist, Dr. Jorge Esmeral, includes a team of surgeons, nurses and fully bilingual specialists ranging from laparoscopic surgeons, internists, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists and physical therapists, among others.


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